Angelo Daddelli & I Picciotti

Angelo Daddelli Voice, guitar, friscalettu, and marranzano

Mattia Franchina Double bass, backing vocals

Irene Giliberti Tamburello, frame drums, backing vocals

Marco Macaluso Accordion, backing vocals

Nino Nobile Plucked instruments, backing vocals

The small Sicilian folk orchestra “i Picciotti” was founded in 2014 in Palermo by Angelo Salvatore Daddelli. The ensemble consists exclusively of acoustic instruments such as classical guitar, double bass, mandolin, mandola, friscalettu (reed flute), tamburello, cianciane (cymbals), accordion, and marranzano (jaw harp). In the early years, the band performed daily in the streets, alleys, squares, and local markets of the historic center of Palermo. Shortly thereafter, they embarked on a period of intense live activity in local venues and social commitment alongside various cultural associations in the city.

In 2016, Radio France International dedicated an entire episode to i Picciotti in the documentary Musique. RFI.FR, “Destination Palerme, le renouveau du friscaletto en Sicile” (Destination Palermo, the revival of the friscaletto in Sicily), and they participated in the Ballarò Buskers festival in Palermo. In 2017, they took part in the Festibál event, “Napoli Balla al Centro.” In 2018, they performed for the documentary “Palermo Arabo Normanna, Viaggio nella bellezza” on Rai Storia and were invited to the Festival International du Film Insulaire de l’île de Groixe in France. In the same year, they released their first single, “Comu si beddra.” In 2019, they presented the show “Sciavuru di Sicilia” at the Rai Auditorium in Palermo. In September of the same year, they collaborated with Nigerian artist Chris Obehi in “La siminzina” to pay tribute to the singer Rosa Balistreri on the anniversary of her passing.

2021 | 12° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily