Gaspare Balsamo

Born in Erice (TP) in 1975, he is an author, actor, storyteller, and theater director. He learned the art of Sicilian storytelling (cunto siciliano) from the master Mimmo Cuticchio and is now one of the leading representatives of storytelling in the new generation. He trained as an actor at the CTA (Centro Teatro Ateneo) of the University of Rome La Sapienza, where he earned a degree in Letters. He also graduated in acting from the Accademia Teatrale dell’Orologio and specialized at the Accademia Nazionale di Arte Drammatica Silvio D’Amico.

As an actor, he has worked in various productions, including “Bizarra” by Rafael Spregherlbud, translated and directed by Manuela Cherubini, which won the Ubu Award in 2011. He has also been part of performances such as “Festa del Paparacchio” by Andrea Cosentino, “Scuossa” by Giuseppe Massa, “Mutu” by Aldo Rapè, “Giovanni e Paolo” with the Bottega del Pane company, and the opera “Orlando” by G.F Handel with the direction of Maria Paola Viano. He has collaborated with the Fondazione RomaEuropa Festival and the Fondazione Fiumara d’arte.

In the music scene, he has collaborated with various musicians, including Alfio Antico, Rita Botto, Giancarlo Parisi, Unavantaluna, Rocco De Rosa. Notable is his involvement in the European project “Torrent” with musicians Werner Cee, Alf Terje Hana, and Giovanni Apprendi. In cinema and TV, he has worked with Salvo Cuccia, David Riondino, Toni Trupia, Alberto Negrin.

2021 | 12° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily