Nino Sergio

“I am a shepherd, son of a shepherd”, says proudly Nino Sergio, wood craftsman, an art learned precisely in the pastoral environment, where wooden objects were very in use. The first spoon was made in 1966, a tool for the daily use of “cowboys”, the guardians of the cows, who often ate milk directly from the animal. Over the years, the master Sergio has expanded in the field of his creations; the collars to hold the sheep bells, the “cupps” bowls for soups, the flasks for wine. All products marked with his initials, and embellished with artistic carvings.
From his hands were born also many musical instruments, the speakers and pipes of the bagpipes, the “friscaletti”, the reed flutes: “I do not feel like a musician, I am just a player” confesses Nino Sergio “I do not know the music, I play only with passion”.

2024 | 15° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily