Third Pulse

Third Pulse is a collaboration of three individual approaches to exploring rhythm and melody through the power of breath. At the core of this fusion, three primordial instruments – Mouth Harp, Didgeridoo and Beatbox – are aligned with intuitive synchronicity in an exploration of ancient trance through contemporary underground beats. Within the musical ensemble of Third Pulse, the Didgeridoo lays down a deep drone and a solid, melodic foundation, the Mouth Harp injects harmonic vibrations and rhythmic oscillations, while the Beatbox provides punchy and powerful bass notes. Flute, Tabla, Drums, Hulusi and Kalimba are also incorporated at different times, resulting in vibrant sonic landscapes of purely organic nature yet strikingly digital in character. This, is Third Pulse.

2022 | 13° Edition, America, Asia, Europe, France, India, North America, South Asia, United States Of America