Workshop | Sicilian Folk Dances with Sud che balla!

Sunday 7 July, at 16.00 – 18.00 | Settevoci, Castiglione di Sicilia (CT)


How many times have you come to a party where you dance to popular music and you have no idea how to move your feet??!
“South dancing” was born to approach the dances with spontaneity and fun, offering first of all a learning context of rituals and festivals (religious and not) in which these dances were performed and, in some places, are still performed; opens us to the vision of a circle that everyone can access, and to the learning of gestures, steps, figures and variations related to the chosen choreographic context; we will work on the rhythmic structure of each dance, whether it comes from the rural or urban context of the aristocratic courts; we will give space to the healthy ability to feel good together and enjoy the moment shared!
We will use the presence of a collective of teachers to facilitate the rotation and to offer the opportunity to experts outside the school to carry out in-depth masterclasses.


Activities of the Workshop


  • Pizzica Pizzica with Deborah Rizzuto
  • “Liscio” Siciliano (Schottis, Mazurca, Polca, Contraddanza) and Tammurriata Campana (Agronocerino-Sarnese,
  • Siuglianese, Terzignese, Montemaranese) with Simona Di Gregorio and Melania Privitera
  • Ballet of the Peloritani, Calabrian dance valley style of Sant’Agata with Antonella Sannino


Deborah Rizzuto is a lecturer in Literature in secondary school and teacher of the Feldenkrais, method. (International Feldenkrais, 2008-2012, Palermo). Since 2007 he has been studying folk dances of Southern Italy and today he teaches and promotes the spread of the popular culture of the South through traditional dance workshops.


Simona Di Gregorio, singer and folk/trad musician, is musicotherapeuta at the CdR Anffas of Catania for 8 years, director of the popular choir UnicaVuci of Catania, since 2000 studies and explores the choreography of southern Italy, participating, over the years, both the parties/ rituals still persistent in the territory and the workshops of folk/ traditional dance.


Melania Privitera, Holistic Operator and Oriental Techniques, always interested in movement as therapy. He embarked on Dance Theater inspired by the expressionistic-emotional dance of Pina Bausch and the relationship Dance-Art-Gesture elaborated by Virgilio Sieni.
“The body between sacred and profane” by Anna Dego. The passion for dance and “U Ballettu” Siciliano handed down by her grandfather takes her to travel in Italy between parties and internships, to feel the “Soul” of dances and rituals related to the popular traditions of southern Italy.


Antonella Sannino is a dancer, photographer and dance-therapist. It is formed with the masters of the tradition of Southern Italy is establishing a direct contact with shepherds and farmers. She graduated in dance therapy method Maria Fux. He regularly leads workshops and meetings of Southern Italian dances, creative dance and dance therapy and photography as poetry in Catania.

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