Abramo Laye Senè & Gaalgui Nguewel

No Fear” is the new album by Abramo Laye Senè, a percussionist from Senegal who has been living in Italy for years, accompanied by his group Gaalgui Nguewel, a project that is among the finalists of this year’s Andrea Parodi Prize. The multi-ethnic band, born in Catania, is composed of artists from different nationalities and cultures, and each element contributes to the project with its own influence, making it rich in contaminations. With his overwhelming world music, Abramo Laye Senè, along with his band, wants to convey a message of solidarity, brotherhood, and integration.

The name of this project has been well thought out: In Wolof, ‘Gaalgui’ means ‘boat’ (specifically a small fishing boat intended to travel long distances) and ‘Nguewel,’ ‘family.’ Metaphorically, ‘Gaalgui Nguewel’ is therefore a boat with various different artists on board, from different cultures and origins, traveling on the open sea. And the sea, infinite and deep, is like music: a means of artistic expression without limits or barriers.

Africa, Europe, Italy, Senegal, Sicily, West Africa