Actores Alidos

Founded in 1980, the theatrical research company “Actores Alidos” soon directed its artistic interest towards the cultural anthropology of its own land, particularly developing a study on the extensive repertoire of songs in the musical tradition of Sardinian women. While remaining faithful to the musical and expressive forms typical of Sardinian singing, with an innovative spirit, the women of “Actores alidos,” through the arrangements of soloist Valeria Pilia, polyphonically interpret traditionally monodic female songs. This original reinterpretation of tradition immediately captured the attention of the international critics, allowing the group to participate in the most prestigious International Festivals, Exhibitions, and Competitions across Europe. At the 2015 Marranzano World Festival, the quintet presented, exclusively in the regional context, the performance “Galanias,” featuring material from their upcoming CD, soon to be released under the Finisterre label, to which Siberian singer Sainkho Namtchylak also contributed.

2015 | 6° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sardegna