Amaury Le Barde

Amaury Le Barde travels from the cliffs of magical Brittany to the volcanoes of Auvergne, from the plains of Middle-earth to the heights of meditative dances. Use wind instruments (guimbarda, didgeridoo, musical strings), body percussion, and a looper to create colorful dances that encourage immersion and introspection.
Practicing music and dance from the age of three, his passions were initially just a hobby. However, in 2011, after being taken to a bal folk by friends, he discovers a joyful and open world, everything he lacked while working as an engineer in a technical office.
While remaining an amateur musician, he decided to devote himself more to his favorite instruments. In 2012 he recorded 8 tracks of a demo entitled “Envole-toi”. Noticed by the collective “Les Chasseuses de Pensées”, he contributes to the creation of the album “Anthologie de guimbardistes français”.
In 2015 he was given a solo performance for the Rêve de l’Aborigène festival. Although the festival was not dance-oriented, it offers a bal that exceeds all expectations and influences its future artistic choices.
In 2018 he decided to dedicate himself completely to music. Influenced by traditional repertoire, geek culture and personal development, it creates a conceptual bal where participants can dance, smile and grow. From this vision was born the EP “Cosmic Bal” with the videoclip “La danse de Kerbouc”, inspired by the worlds of Tolkien. He is also the guimbardist of the Breizh Napoli.

2024 | 15° Edition, Europe, France