Barbara Crescimanno

Independent researcher. Founder and coordinator of the anthropological and ethnochoreological research group TrizziRiDonna, where she works as a teacher, director, and performer. Founder and educational coordinator of the School of Traditional Music and Dance at Arci Tavola Tonda, where she leads courses in traditional dances. She coordinated the educational path of the Cultural Artisans Project (2016/18) and conducted music and dance workshops for refugees as part of the Come.In Project – Interactive and Creative Approaches for the Discovery of Other Cultures (2017/18). She coordinates the project Chorós, Danze, Voci e Ritmi del sud Italia. She collaborates with ethnomusicologist Sergio Bonanzinga (UniPa) on ‘Storie di tarantismo in Sicilia: dai testi alla scena. Una lezione-concerto sulle pratiche siciliane del fenomeno meloterapico’ (2018) and ‘L’osso che canta’ (2019).

2021 | 12° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily