Djalu Gurruwiwi

Djalu Gurruwiwi, a creator and player of the yidaki (didgeridoo), is one of the oldest and most important members of the Galpu clan within the Yolngu ethnic group, considered the primary custodians of this instrument. He is regarded as the last living elder of Arnhem Land, the homeland of this ancient instrument.
Djalu’s role in the didgeridoo world has been passed down from his father, a renowned leader of the Yolngu clan, who entrusted his son with the responsibility of preserving the culture associated with the Yidaki, the didgeridoo of the Galpu clan. The Yidaki is linked to many sacred and secret cultural practices and knowledge, which are safeguarded by religious authorities such as Djalu.

2009 | 3° Edition, Australia, Oceania