IPERcusSONICI & Afro-Sicilian Connection

Alice Ferrara Main vocals, percussion
Luca Recupero Marranzani, tamburelli, ‘mbira, vocals
Carlo Condarelli Bass drums, balafon, djembe, vocals
Michele Musarra Electric bass, vocals
Alberto Paternò Didgeridoo

Jalì Diabaté Kora, vocals
Sourakhatà Dioubaté Bass drums, balafon, djembe, vocals

A special project that brings together “the new adventurous sound of Sicily” from IPERcusSONICI, the Catania-based group experimenting with the contemporary use of traditional instruments and lyrics in Sicilian, with the depth and warmth of African musical traditions. The collaboration includes percussionist Sourakhata Dioubate (Guinea), a master of polyrhythms and percussion, and Jali Diabate (Senegal), a virtuoso of the kora, a fascinating plucked string instrument emblematic of the ancient griot tradition. The encounter of the Sicilian band with these renowned African artists, who were featured in their latest album “Carapace” recently released by Viceversa Records, creates an extraordinary polyrhythmic and multicultural blend on stage that will enchant listeners before getting them up from their seats to dance in the grand finale to the rhythm of “ancient sounds for future music.”

2013 | 5° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily