Mario Venuti


Singer-songwriter and guitarist from Catania, Mario Venuti began his career in the 1980s with the band Denovo, one of the leading acts in a period that brought many artists from the Etna region to national success. In 1994, with the release of “Un po’ di febbre,” he embarked on a long and successful solo career, which has continued until now with the release of his 11th album, “TropItalia” (2021). In this project, he enjoys playing with his music, becoming a pure interpreter, reinterpreting some popular Italian songs with a tropical twist, tapping into a vein that has always been present in his musical production. This inclination has led him to cross paths with Manola Micalizzi and Sambazita multiple times, who will join him in reinterpreting some of his greatest hits, closing the opening concert of the 14th edition of the MWF (Music World Festival) by performing his latest single, “Napoli Bahia,” in public for the first time.

2023 | 14° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily