Ottetto dell’Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio

Emanuele Bultrini Guitars
Peppe D’argenzio Saxophones
Duilio Galioto Piano and Keyboards
Ernesto Lopez Maturell Voice, Drums
Carlos Paz Duque Voice, Andean Flutes
Pino Pecorelli Electric Bass
Kaw Diali Madi Sissoko Voice, Kora
Ziad Trabelsi Oud, Voice

When the OPV (Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio) works on writing a song, it naturally thinks about how it will work on stage. It is on stage that this group was formed, grew, and built its own language, varying dimensions, instrumentation, and languages over its 17 years of activity.
In recent years, alongside more theatrical productions such as “Il Flauto Magico,” “Don Giovanni,” “Il Giro del Mondo in 80 minuti,” “Carmen,” and “Il Credo,” which have successfully brought the Orchestra to perform in prestigious theaters in Italy and Europe, a more pocket-sized ensemble has emerged, eager to experiment live with new compositions born in the rehearsal room, mainly composed of singers and the rhythmic heart of the group.
The eight musicians are the authors and primary interpreters of these songs, which often speak about them and resemble them. The Orchestra has always been based on two fundamental aspects: Travel and Encounter. The musicians’ journey from their homeland to Rome. The encounter of musicians and their repertoires. The Orchestra’s journey on new roads, often on tour in Italy and around the world.
Over the years, live performances have helped the musicians get to know each other and understand themselves as artists, defining the Orchestra’s music and expanding its repertoire. Writer Jean Genet said he felt alive only when he met other people. This is the idea on which the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio is based. Over time, each element has changed their way of thinking about music, working together for the same goal, trying to bring something new to life each time, as in the case of the Octet.
Each of them has had the ability to define themselves musically through their own culture and artistic differences. The repertoire presented by the Octet is the result of these years of playing together, in a constant reworking of musical material, presented here in a more essential form, giving the listener the emotions and sensations that the musicians feel when a song by an individual musician becomes the song of all the musicians in the Orchestra.

2019 | 10° Edition, Europe, Italy