Ribeba Trad Music

Alessandro Zolt Flutes, Bagpipes, Ribeba, Voice
Massimo Losito Accordion, Stomp Box, Recycled Percussion, Voice

Ribeba Trad Music is a project created to reintroduce the Jew’s harp within a repertoire of folk music ranging from Piedmont to France, with particular attention to the Alpine region, where the production and use of this instrument have proliferated for centuries.
The members are Alessandro Zolt (bagpipes, flutes, and Jew’s harp), a multi-instrumentalist with experience in Occitan folk revival (also co-author of the recent book on the history of the Jew’s harp in Valsesia), and Massimo Losito (accordion), a veteran musician with years of experience in the world of Folk and Balfolk music.

Europe, Italy, Piemonte