Settevoci Social Club

Settevoci Social Club is an unpredictable, unfathomable project based on the dreamlike and psychedelic fantasy of a minimum collective (2 people) of artists and inhabitants of the Settevoci ecovillage, under the Etna volcano. Inspired by paroxysmal magma, a hoe boat named Frank and an undefined number of blows to the head, Eye Drive and Jypsy Jobs decided to occupy sound, visual and geographical spaces with a violent music, deeply danceable and intergenerational breath, interspecies and interurban. Armed with effectors, wind chimes, saxophones, accordions and piston synthesizers, this ancient duo and always accompanied by new guests of great depth creates music that is exactly at the unexpected intersection between a chain collision of symphony orchestras, a rave in the Amazon jungle, and a symphony by Beethoven (the dog, not the composer). Dancing to believe.

2024 | 15° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily