Workshop | Rap & Storytelling with Christian Paterniti aka Picciotto (Palermo)

This workshop begins with an introductory phase aimed at getting to know each participant, highlighting individual characteristics and expectations related to the workshop. One of the main objectives is to establish a horizontal method that allows each participant to emotionally open up, sharing their personal journey, the territory they live in, their dreams, and frustrations.
The technique used involves “key words” collected randomly and anonymously, which will be revisited in a second phase to frame the creation of subgroups and the final composition. The group will be divided into four subgroups representing plausible characters with different ages, backgrounds, and characteristics. Through separate group activities, participants will develop profiles for these characters using creative writing exercises.
In the second phase, there will be an “encounter and dialogue” between these imaginary characters, who will interact with each other by creating a unique text that attempts to bring together the various aspects of the group. The storytelling and self-narration technique will highlight the differences among group members and make them complementary through the creation of a work that can be adapted into a rap song in the final phase of the workshop. Once the text is written, using type beats, participants will explore the mood and interpretation of the composition and write the chorus on the chosen musical base, transforming the entire piece into a song.

2021 | 12° Edition