Workshop | Marranzano (Traditional Sicilian Jew’s Harp) with Giorgio Maltese

Sunday 7 July, at 18.00 – 20.00 | Settevoci, Castiglione di Sicilia (CT)
Friday 13 July, 10.00 – 13.00 | Castello Ursino


The workshop of Marranzano focuses on the Sicilian performing technique, one of the most varied and complex. We will analyze the various traditional rhythmic figures, paying attention to the correct use of breathing, we will study how to identify the scale of harmonics and develop melodies. The workshop is aimed at anyone who wants to deepen the knowledge of this instrument, to those who already play it and to those who approach it for the first time.


Activities of the Workshop


  • Historical and Cultural Introduction
    Exploration of the origin and evolution of Marranzano, with particular attention to its unique morphological and executive characteristics compared to other wind chimes in the world
  • Sicilian Executive Technique
    Focus on the traditional Sicilian technique considered one of the most varied and complex. Implementation techniques, including European and non-European ones, will be analysed and practiced
  • Traditional Rhythmic Figures
    Study of the rhythmic figures characteristic of the Marranzano used to accompany traditional Sicilian songs
  • Breathing and Sound Emission
    Study on the correct use of breathing for better musical performance
  • Discovery of Harmonics and Development of Melodies
    Method to identify the scale of harmonics in the instrument and techniques to develop traditional Sicilian melodies


Giorgio Maltese, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Very young he studied classical guitar with Maestro Alfredo D’Urso (First prize in the national competition “TuttArte” 2005). In the same year thanks to Fabio Tricomi, multi-instrumentalist and researcher from Catania, discovers the world of traditional music and folk instruments by undertaking the study of the Marranzano and launching an intense research that will lead him to know the few elderly players and builders of traditional Sicilian instruments left by which assimilates repertoire, executive practice and construction techniques. He learned to play the mandolin, the traditional flutes, the tambourine, the organ and the bagpipe. He performs with different musical formations and plays in different theatrical performances. Carries out dissemination of traditional Sicilian instruments.

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