Workshop | Traditional Sicilian Tambourine with Fabio Tricomi (Catania)

An introduction to the techniques and traditional repertoires of the Sicilian tambourine, led by one of the foremost experts in Sicilian ethno-organology. With over 20 years of field research throughout the region and extensive experience in music education, as well as a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist active in various formations at major national and international festivals, Fabio Tricomi’s workshop is suitable for both beginners and those already familiar with basic techniques, aiming to deepen their knowledge of the repertoire and traditional techniques of Sicilian folk music.

2005 | 1° Edition, 2009 | 3° Edition, 2012 | 4° Edition, 2015 | 6° Edition, 2016 | 7° Edition, 2017 | 8° Edition, 2019 | 10° Edition