Workshop | Traditional Dances from Sicily to Europe with Barbara Crescimanno

Two days of dances from Sicily to the deep north of Europe to embrace the joy of rhythmic movement and music through the mediation of pieces filled with life, stories, and diverse colors and cultures. Dancing traverses the geography of countries and the history of societies; from the Breton or Balkan circle, one moves to the Provençal line, the Greek farandole, and onwards to the French bourrées and mazurkas, and the southern Italian partner dances – Ballettu, pizzica, tammuriata – where rhythm, song, and dance become an organic whole.

Breton An Dro, Chappelloise, Circasso Circle, Greek Hikariotikos, Stern Polka, Ronde de S. Vincent, French partner dances (Mazurka, Scottish, and Bourrée), introduction to Southern Italian dances Ballettu, Pizzica and Tammurriata.

2015 | 6° Edition, 2016 | 7° Edition