Workshop | Doromb with Áron Szilágyi

Two sessions with one of the most acclaimed jaw harp virtuosos currently in circulation. The two sessions have distinct and complementary programs:

1) Basics and Dynamics
Workshop focused on learning basic rhythms, fundamental breathing and intonation techniques, and how to play the jaw harp in a playful and versatile manner, enhancing the volume of sound emission and the stage presence of the instrument. The workshop is suitable for everyone and can be considered as preparatory for the second session.

2) Balkan Rhythms on the Jaw Harp
What makes Balkan music so engaging and cheerful? It depends on the speed and specific “odd” rhythms used. In this workshop, participants learn to play in 7, 5, and 13 octaves, enriching their style with the overwhelming rhythms from Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania. Participation in the first workshop on basics is recommended but not necessary.

2005 | 1° Edition, 2015 | 6° Edition, 2016 | 7° Edition, 2017 | 8° Edition, 2019 | 10° Edition