Workshop | Vargan: The sound of the Jew’s Harp according to Russian tradition with Nikolai Sobolev (Russia)

The workshop includes a theoretical section, in which a brief history of the various types of Jew’s Harps in Russia and the traditional techniques used to play them will be covered, along with a practical section. The workshop begins with the basics of traditional Russian technique: this will cover how to hold the instrument, produce a sound, and modify it. An overview of different ways to play a jaw harp will be provided, including using the hands, lips, tongue, throat, and breath.
In the second session, the workshop includes an initial part with a brief history of the culture and contemporary trends of jaw harps in Russia. The practical part, designed for experienced players, will focus on teaching complex rhythmic techniques and articulation, delving into the details of Russian jaw harp characteristics.
It is possible to participate in the workshop even if you do not have your own instrument.

2017 | 8° Edition