Workshop | Turru Turru lu Tammuru. Traditional Sicilian Polyphonic rhythmic singing with Matilde Politi (Palermo, Italia) e Simona Di Gregorio (Catania, Italia)

In the rich oral tradition of Sicily, especially concerning vocal repertoire, choral singing represents a less emphasized and nearly forgotten aspect. Its variety and richness recall a cultural world now vanished, reminding us of values challenging to find in contemporary times: the joy of community, sharing collective emotions, hardships, and pains through singing, the intertwining of vibrations around shared forms that always leave space for individual creation. It’s an almost perfect formula for positive interaction, effective collective action.
For years, Matilde Politi and Simona Di Gregorio have been working on the recovery and dissemination of this highly valuable and extremely diverse repertoire. They present examples of various polyphonic styles traditional to Sicily, Italy, and beyond.

2017 | 8° Edition, 2018 | 9° Edition