Workshop | Sabar Percussions with Mbar Ndiaye, Ady Thioune, Abdou Diop (Senegal)

The term “Sabar” refers to an important repertoire of dance and percussion in the Wolof culture of Senegal. It encompasses the musical event, the family of drums used, and the specific musical and choreographic repertoire of this tradition. In the context of the Sabar percussion ensemble, each drum has its specific name (thiol, tungune, mbeung mbeung, nder), often accompanied by the “tama,” known as the “talking drum” due to its ability to produce sliding and highly expressive sounds.
In the Sabar tradition, musical phrases represent the translation of verbal phrases with epic and ritual themes onto drums, largely predating the Islamization of Senegal in the 19th century. Sabar is an integral part of Wolof culture, and performances take place in various contexts, from simple celebrations to the most important life-cycle rituals.
The intensive workshop will be led by recognized musicians from significant “ngewel” or “griot” families in Senegal: Mbar Ndiaye, Ady Thioune, Abdou Diop.

2018 | 9° Edition