Workshop | DunDunDance with Sourakhata Dioubate (Guinea)

Sourakhata Tirera is an ambassador and master of music and dance from Guinea. Hailing from a Griot family, Sourakhata has been learning from his mother since the age of 6. At 16, he decided to become a professional musician and has since worked with many artists and projects from around the world, including “Bougarabou Ballet,” “Ballets Djoliba,” “Les Ballets Africains,” “Rototom SunSplash,” and collaborated with Mamady Keita. He is the artistic director of Mama Africa Meeting in Italy.
Dancing with Sourakhata is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the kaleidoscopic culture of Mandeng languages. On Saturday and Sunday, Sourakhata will lead a traditional dance workshop with low drums accompanied by live music. This workshop aims to share an expressive form that bridges the rhythmic tradition of West Africa with the modernity of contemporary polyrhythmic arrangements, enriched by the sound in motion.


NOTE The organization, upon prior communication from participants, will provide the musical instruments.

2018 | 9° Edition