Abdel Kibir Hamdache

He hails from the city of Meknes, where he began his singing education at a young age. First in the Quranic school of the Grand Mosque (from 5 to 7 years old), then at the Meknes Conservatory where he studied maqam for Quranic recitation. A student of Haj Houcine Toula, master of the malhun style and director of the Conservatory, at the age of 14, he began exploring other styles: classical Arabic, classical Moroccan, gharnati, raï, gnawa, shabby, and soon started singing professionally throughout Morocco, participating in important festivals like Volubilis, Lhbole, and Asilah. He will be accompanied by Said Benmsafer on the oud and Abdelhadi Benmsafer on the violin, both renowned concert artists with degrees from the Conservatory of Marrakech.

2013 | 5° Edition, Africa, Marocco, North-Central Africa