Jali Diabate

Born in 1983, Jali Diabate comes from Senegal, born into a family with a rich musical tradition that spans eight centuries. He inherits an ancient artistic heritage with the help of his grandfather, father, and extended family, learning to play the kora, a unique bridge harp considered a traditional instrument of the Mandinka people, to which Jali belongs. In Mandinka culture, every kora player is called “jali,” and “jali” is also one of the most important honorary titles.

In 2004, he decides to move to Italy, specifically to Catania, where he earns a degree in Linguistic Mediation Sciences. He continues to perform with his instrument at significant cultural events such as the Horcynus Orca Festival, the Festival della Taranta, the Mandorlo in Fiore, and the Giffoni Film Festival. Jali Diabate has collaborated with renowned musicians like Roy Paci and Eugenio Bennato. He has released three albums: Silinka, Kumakan, and Introspection.

2021 | 12° Edition, Africa, Senegal, West Africa