Sicilian Traditional Puppets of Napoli’s Brothers

In 1921, Don Gaetano Napoli founded the company and inaugurated the Teatro Etna on Via Cantone in Cibali, a company that celebrates its hundredth anniversary this year. Pippo, Rosario, and Natale Napoli continued their father’s work, and it is thanks to the third generation that the Opira in Catania has experienced uninterrupted continuity. The children of Natale, along with their mother Italia Chiesa, continue the journey. Fiorenzo is the artistic director, the first storyteller, and the master builder. Giuseppe is the head handler and set designer. Salvatore was the creator of stage lighting. Gaetano lends his voice to the puppets. Today, Davide, Dario, and Marco, Fiorenzo’s children, ensure the continuity of the tradition in the roles of storytellers and builders, stage director, and handlers. Alongside them are Alessandro Napoli, co-author of the texts with Fiorenzo; Agnese Torrisi, Fiorenzo’s wife and storyteller; and Giacomo Anastasi, who succeeded Salvatore Napoli. Among the recognitions received by the company, the Praemium Erasmianum stands out, conferred by the Royals of the Netherlands on June 3, 1978.

2021 | 12° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily