Yousif Jaralla

Iraqi storyteller and narrator settled in Italy since 1980, he creates shows about war, Iraq, the conditions of the Global South, and Middle Eastern spirituality. His performances feature a technique characterized by rhythmic circularity, akin to Sufi ritual storytelling. In addition to his voice, he uses traditional Middle Eastern drums, whose sounds contribute to the pacing of time and scenes, enhancing the ritualistic effect of the narrative. He has collaborated with puppeteer Mimmo Cuticchio, staging shows like “Storie di santi e sultani,” “Il risveglio di Don Chisciotte,” and “Aladino di tutti i colori.” He has also worked with musicians Gianni Gebbia and Lelio Giannetto, actress Miriam Palma, and journalist and writer A. Samonà, from whom he derived the performance “Le orme delle nuvole.”

2021 | 12° Edition, Asia, Iraq, Middle East