Founded in 2015 by Gábor Kovács (Tindia) and Boldizsár Tamás, the duo cautiously began introducing traditional instruments into a unique context, drawing from authentically traditional repertoire. They were joined by Róbert Schneider (Speakers of Zion) and Zsolt Moldván (Ethnofil, now Odd ID). The strictly folk tones gradually make way for a style that evolves into what we now call designer folk.

“Our sound is unequivocally rooted in Hungarian folklore, thanks especially to the use of instruments such as the zither (traditional dulcimer) or the shepherd’s flute. Although our music has surpassed these influences, starting from the combination of stirring basslines and the pure, evocative sounds of the cajon, we have approached original pieces of instrumental pop that incorporate various stylistic forms, spanning genres such as rock, funky, and EDM (electronic dance music). In 2020, we were the ‘group of the year’ in the national program Öröm a zene, and this year in 2021, we are participating in a national program – Hangfoglaló Program – organized by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.”

2021 | 12° Edition, Europe, Unghery