Rupa Kansa Banik

She belongs to a family of enthusiasts of classical Indian music in the Hindustani tradition (North India). She was a student of the maestras Dipali Sanyal and Sanchali Sanyal and graduated in music from Rabindra Bharati University in Calcutta. She has participated in the most important musical festivals in India. Since 2012, she has been living and teaching in Rome, and during the MWF, she will conduct a workshop in Catania on the techniques and repertoire of Indian classical singing in the Hindustani tradition (North India). She will be accompanied by her husband, Sanjay Kansa Banik, a tabla virtuoso and representative of the Benares Gharana, already known in Italy for his collaborations with the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio and the Moroccan musician Nour Eddine.

2013 | 5° Edition, Asia, India, South Asia