Cous Cous Cous

Giancarlo Parisi (Sicily)
Faisal Taher (Palestine)
Jali Diabate (Senegal)

The project is based on the idea of capturing the most distinctive aspect of Sicily as a welcoming land, a melting pot of cultures, a distillation of colors, understanding of diversity, peaceful coexistence, and a culturally stimulating place, a synthesis of opposites. Living in Sicily is a choice, signifying belonging to a social complexity: a magical place, a forge of both ancient and modern art.
It’s a world where communication happens more effectively not just through language but also through food and music.
The performance features original pieces written by Sicilian multi-instrumentalist Giancarlo Parisi and Palestinian singer Faisal Taher, performed together with Senegalese musician Jalì Diabaté. The three musicians take the audience on a virtual journey to discover Sicily, an island “discovered” for the first time because it’s seen with different eyes. It’s a show that starts from the present and looks back at that great vocal heritage of the Middle East from which Sicilian singing originated. A homecoming to the roots that directly trace back to Middle Eastern culture.

2013 | 5° Edition, Africa, Asia, Europe, Italy, Middle East, Palestine, Senegal, Sicily, West Africa