Trizzi Ri Donna

Trizzi Ri Donna is a female collective based in Palermo that experiences performance as a moment of exchange, where the elements of dance, singing, and music condition and complement each other, forming an inseparable and harmonious triad. The common goal is found in the primal joy of group movement, a sense of participation in a community, and the creative possibilities of a festive moment.
The group engages in diverse research interests, exploring the female repertoire of traditional songs in Sicily. They have developed a transdisciplinary research and training program that, starting from contemporary forms of dance and traditional music, investigates their history, origins, and relationships with feminine sacred forms in Sicily. This exploration spans ethnomusicology and ethnochoreutics, history and archaeology, anthropology of the sacred, ethnobotany, anthropology of drugs, art history, and biosonology. Additionally, they have created the WebMap DEE di SICILIA and translated Layne Redmond’s text “When Drummers Were Women” into Italian for Venexia Editrice.

2007 | 2° Edition, 2021 | 12° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily