Eleonora Bordonaro

Introduction of the album “Moviti Ferma” by Eleonora Bordonaro:

“(…) Born in Sicily, it narrates the creativity of a land that resists, refusing to surrender to the ugliness of these uncertain times but pulsating with life through music. It’s a choral album, whose inspiration is shared. Born out of the need to feel part of an affectionate world. It’s an individual story made possible by the support of a community, representing its strength and landscape. (…)”

From the new eponymous album, artistically produced by Puccio Castrogiovanni, comes “Moviti Ferma,” an intimate and disruptive live performance where the theatricality of the Sicilian language blends with the rhythmic interplay of marranzano and percussion.
In a composite and choral spectacle, Eleonora Bordonaro builds artistic connections for a tribute to the creativity of the Etna area, where authors and musicians invigorate the cultural heritage of the island with contemporary sounds.
Moviti Ferma is an individual tale, infused with femininity, power, and pride, born from a cultural ground fervent with the desire to express oneself through art. The original lyrics tell of the search for balance with nature, the cage of the body, the need to move yet the desire to remain still, rooted, challenges, and how to face them. They are unrestrained and naïve anthems and poignant landscapes of lost humanity. A rhythmic, sensual, energetic, theatrical, and light concert in attitude.
Like on a time machine, the sequence of songs projects us alternately between the warmth of our ancient memories and the throes of an electrifying future. With the participation of SAMBAZITA, JACARANDA, AGOSTINO TILOTTA, GASPARE BALSAMO.

Europe, Italy, Sicily