Orchestra Popolare Sambazita

The itinerant orchestra of samba percussion and Afro-Brazilian music, led by “Mestre De Bateria” Manola Micalizzi, has evolved from a Small Popular Samba School, initially created almost playfully in 2013 in the streets of the historic center of Catania as part of the activities of the Gammazita Cultural Association. In five years, it has transformed into a full-fledged musical collective with up to 30 members from diverse backgrounds.
This unique musical entity serves as a platform for individuals, both musicians and non-musicians, to come together and share artistic and social experiences. The project is rooted in a didactic approach focused on studying rhythm and percussion, aiming to bring together individuals of different social backgrounds to understand the importance of communal living by sharing spaces and knowledge. The goal is to provide education and enhance mental, physical, and social coordination.
The school collaborates collectively on performances guided by specific executive rules. Arrangements are enriched with group steps and choreography by the percussionists. The ensemble is organized into rhythmic sections, forming a percussion orchestra with a variable number of members. They play various instruments typical of Brazilian popular music, such as Agogô, Apito, Atabaque, Caixa/Snare, Caixa de Maracatù, Caracaxà, Caixixi, Chocalho/Rocar, Cuica, Effects, Frigideira, Ganza, Gongue, Ilu, Pandeiro, Rebolo, RecoReco, Repinique, Repinique de Mao, Repenique de Anel, Surdo, Tamborim, TanTan, Timpano, Triangolo, Shekerè, Zabumba.

2018 | 9° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily