Matilde Politi | Simona Di Gregorio

Matilde Politi has been involved in the field of music and theater since 1992, focusing on research and experimentation. She is dedicated to continuous self-education and an intensive concert activity. Since 2000, she has exclusively dedicated herself to the research of Sicilian oral tradition repertoire, expanding it to traditional music from the Mediterranean region. Her mission is to bring back to “popularity” musical pieces that have disappeared from the contemporary sound landscape.

Simona Di Gregorio is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and music therapist. For over ten years, she has collected historical testimonies of music and dance related to the agropastoral environment of the early 1900s in Sicily. She has conducted extensive research on the emotional/affectionate approach to music and the pleasure of shared singing. In addition to performing concerts in Italy and abroad, Simona leads workshops on traditional and world singing. She also works as a music therapist and has collaborated on numerous performances and recordings with other Sicilian artists.

2017 | 8° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily