Faisal Taher


Faisal Taher, born in Yabad, Palestine, in 1959, moved to Italy in 1986. From 1988 to 1995, he was the lead vocalist for Kunsertu and later for Dounia, with whom he recorded two CDs released by “Il Manifesto” and the book-CD “Dalle sponde del mare bianco” with the Tunisian poet Moncef Ghachem (Mesogea). He has performed and recorded live with artists like Paolo Fresu, Moni Ovadia, Fiorella Mannoia, Trancendental, Dissoi Logoi, Al Qantarah, Cecilia Pitino, Tri Muzike, Canto Discanto, Dodi Moscati, Roy Paci, and the group Sancto Ianne, from Benevento (winners of the 8th Music Festival “Voci per la libertà” held in Villadose – RO – between July 20 and 25, 2005). Faisal Taher has also contributed to the recording of several film and television soundtracks, including “Il bagno turco,” “La piovra 8 and 9,” “Ecco fatto,” “L’amante perduto,” “L’amore di Marja,” and has participated as a singer in various theater productions, such as Shakespeare’s “Giulio Cesare,” Ninni Bruschetta’s “Che farai Fra Jacopone,” and Eschylus’s “Le Supplici,” directed by Moni Ovadia.

2023 | 14° Edition, Asia, Middle East, Palestine