Giovani musicisti dalla Rep. Sakha, Yakutia

Nikolay Shishigin director of the Khomus Museum in Yakutsk
Elena Shishigina interpreter, coordinator, musician

Alisa Egorova, Konstantin Karataev, Aiaan Kirillov,
Mariia Popova, Vladislav Vasilev, Agniia Zhirkova

Ivanida Alekseeva, Sakhaaia Buskarova, Ian Popov
Kristina Tolstiakova

Aital Myrsanov, Algys Pavlov, Aldan Rozhin

The seventh edition of the MWF will be characterized by the participation of a large delegation from the Sakha Republic – Yakutia, in the far east of the Siberian region. Three different youth groups specializing in traditional Sakha music, songs, and dances will participate: “Eyeer,” “Etigen Khomus,” and “Dygyn,” with the involvement of Elena Shishigina, a musician, interpreter, and coordinator of the cultural exchange project involving Italy, Russia, and Hungary. The delegation will also include Nikolay Shishigin, director of the Khomus Museum in Yakutsk, and Sameer Thakur, a representative from the Jaw Harp Museum in Goa, India, who collaborate with the University of Catania and the International Puppet Museum Antonino Pasqualino in Palermo to create the first major exhibition on the history and geography of jaw harps worldwide. This includes an extensive display of ancient and modern instruments from around the world, a photo exhibition on the construction of the Jew’s harp in Sicily, and a multimedia exhibition on iconographic sources for reconstructing the long history of jaw harps worldwide.
In addition to presenting various repertoires of traditional music and singing from Sakha-Yakutia, the guest musicians will involve the audience in the propitiatory and ritual dance ohuokhai.

2016 | 7° Edition, Asia, Asian Russia, Jacuzia, Northern Asia