Tapa Sudana

In Balinese art and culture, music, dance, and theater are inseparably linked in an organic interweaving that encompasses aesthetic and spiritual/devotional dimensions. Master I Gede Tapa Sudana was born in Bali in 1945 and currently resides in Paris. Raised in the culture of Balinese Mask Theater, he is an actor, dancer, and musician, and he was one of Peter Brook’s favorite actors, collaborating on productions such as “Conference of the Birds,” “La Tragedie de Carmen,” and the renowned “Mahabharata.”
A proficient practitioner of martial arts principles, I Gede Tapa Sudana has been imparting his teachings for over two decades in seminars and workshops worldwide. He has developed his own method called Tribuana, aiming to maintain an organic connection between the “three worlds” of the human being.

2018 | 9° Edition, Asia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia