Manola Micalizzi & Banda Maluca Feat. Sambazita

Manola Micalizzi & Banda Maluca tell the story and spread of Brazilian music in the world from yesterday to today. From Choro, Brazilian classical music, to Bossa Nova, born in Brazilian salons, passing through the Tropicalismo of Gilberto Gil, Maria Bethania, and Caetano Veloso (music and lyrics banned in the 1960s due to the dictatorial regime). The story continues with Samba, a rhythm born in the kitchens and bars of the “Favelas,” to the Samba Canção of Jorge Ben Jor and Sergio Mendez.

Manola Micalizzi was trained in the samba school of Palermo, “Fala Brasil.” She was a student of the renowned guitarist Vincenzo Palermo (one of the best Bossa guitarists in Italy) and percussionist Dimas Camargo. The world of Afro-Brazilian percussion drew Manola into the heart of Brazilian music, and she began to study Bossa Nova and Samba. Micalizzi also dedicated herself to learning the Portuguese language and, consequently, singing. She was accompanied and mentored by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists such as Jim Porto, “mestre” Carcarà, Ana Flora, and Ze Carlos.

In Rio de Janeiro, the singer and percussionist had the honor of performing with the “Mangueira Samba School” and Pedro Luiz Aparede. In 2004, she collaborated with the Roman Academy of Music, joining the orchestra of the Frascati Samba School, curated by Maestro Stefano Rossini. In 2005, she participated in the “Midem World Festival in Cannes” with Madrugada. She leads the itinerant Sambazita Orchestra, sings, and plays percussion with the Babil on suite. She has also collaborated with Mario Venuti on the Tropitalia tour as a choir and percussionist.

Since 2022, she has opened Boteco Social Club in Catania, a space dedicated to the training and promotion of Brazilian music and culture.

2023 | 14° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily