Fratelli Piredda

Pietro Paolo Piredda Trumpet, Harmonica, Launeddas, Voice
Patrizio Mura Trumpet, Voice

The dynasty of the Fabbri Piredda begins with Pietro Piredda, who, from a very young age, started working in the workshop with Mastru Antonio Batacone, a well-known blacksmith in the early decades of the twentieth century. After learning the secrets of the trade, Pietro moved from Galtellì to Dorgali, where he taught the art of forging to his sons: Giovanni Antonio, Salvatore, Antonio, and Costantino. Antonio, who had dedicated himself to the construction of Trumbas from a young age, in turn teaches his sons Pietro Paolo and Ignazio, who continue the historical memory of the Piredda family as builders of Jew’s harps (trumbas) and musicians, always engaged in both technical and musical research of the instruments they built. On this occasion, Pietro Paolo Piredda will be accompanied by the singer Patrizio Mura, one of the founders of the Cuncordu de Orosei.

Europe, Italy, Sardegna