Matilde Politi | Gabriele Politi

Matilde Politi is a singer and musician from Palermo who graduated in Cultural Anthropology in Rome. Since 2000, she has chosen to focus primarily on researching the repertoire of Sicilian oral tradition, a research that constantly expands to reference traditional music in the Mediterranean region.
Recognized as a great interpreter of monodic singing in the Sicilian oral tradition, she has performed in many squares, large and small, in Sicily and Italy, participating in numerous folk music festivals abroad (Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Germany), with the mission of bringing back to “popularity” songs that have disappeared from the contemporary sound landscape. Since 2003, in Palermo, she has also been committed to the social integration of migrants through music, supporting them in creating multi-ethnic performances aimed at facilitating encounters between people and cultures.
Accompanied by her brother, multi-instrumentalist Gabriele Politi, she presents a repertoire that ranges from blind men’s songs to serenades, from tarantellas to singer-songwriter songs in common Sicilian, accompanied by traditional instruments such as guitar, violin, accordion, viola, and mandolin.

2013 | 5° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily