Pejman Tadayon

Pejman Tadayon, born in Isfahan (Iran) in 1977, is a Persian musician, composer and painter, considered one of the leading experts in Persian and Sufi music in Italy. He studied the ancient Persian musical repertoire and traditional instruments such as târ and setâr with renowned masters. After moving to Italy in 2003, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and studied Western music. In Rome, he collaborated with the group Sarawan and founded the group Navà, recording the CD “Viaggio nei colori”. In 2009 he created the group YAR and released the album “Yar Ensemble”.
In 2013 he founded the Pejman Tadayon Ensemble, composing music inspired by Rumi and Sufism, releasing the album “Universal Sufi Music”. Since 2014, he has integrated strings into his paintings, creating sound painting works exhibited in the Galleria Sonora in Rome, where he also organizes musical events. Tadayon teaches oud, târ, setâr and oriental music theory. In 2015 he co-founded the Cafè Loti project, which combines cultured and popular music.
He has collaborated with various artists and participated in theater and film productions, including “The Last Pulcinella” and “Dust of Baghdad”. He also produced the docufilm “Quando Rumi incontra Francesco”. Tadayon is the promoter of the musical dialogue between East and West.
Pejman Tadayon continues to be a respected figure in the world of Persian music and an ambassador of his rich musical tradition. His passion for tar and his commitment to musical excellence make him an extraordinary artist and admired all over the world.

2024 | 15° Edition, Iran, Middle East