LEA MILINOVIKJ Oud, Tambura, Cumbuş sas, Percussioni
DEA DELINA PLEVNEŠ Percussioni, Voce
KATERINA DIMITROVSKA Voce, Tambura, Kemane, Percussioni, Tamburo Yaylı

“As the latest incarnation of neo-hippie-folk-postpunk psychedelic trance, the band Perija brings sounds that touch the Middle East, the Balkans, North Africa, traditional music, and the complex scales of the Arab maqam, along with irregular rhythms. Perija speaks about human rights and freedom in the languages of these regions.” | Ljupcho Jolevski

Perija is a dark folk band with many musical influences. They sing in various Balkan languages, aiming to share an idea of equality among nations and ethnicities. The themes of their songs range from important current social issues (poetry by recognized authors) to snippets from newspapers or old and often morbid country songs (some recently recorded by friends traveling in villages, some taken from very old recordings). Perija is a word of Turkish origin meaning fairy, expressing a mythological connection to the darkness of the Balkan forests, a sensation they seek to convey in their music.

2023 | 14° Edition, Europe, North Macedonia