Workshop for Adults and Children | Drum Circle with Romina Adorno (Catania)

A Drum Circle refers to a group of people, including adults and/or children, who gather in a circle to play various percussion instruments and drums. The drum circle is an end in itself; it is not a preparation for a performance or a show. The number of participants can vary from a small number of players to up to a hundred people. The drum circle promotes equality because there is no hierarchy within it; it includes people of all ages, and the main goal is to share rhythm and be in harmony with oneself and others. The purpose is to form a group consciousness and to have fun. By fun, we mean the emergence of a new voice, a collective voice that arises from the group while everyone plays together. The activity will be facilitated by Dr. Romina Adorno, the person who will help all participants to harmonize with each other (with or without previous musical experience) and who will also act as the ‘orchestra conductor.

2018 | 9° Edition