Workshop | Singing on the Scacciapensieri with Hiram Salsano and Catello Gargiulo

Friday 13 July, 10.00 – 13.00 | Castello Ursino


Since 2007 Hiram offers a series of educational meetings dedicated to the music and traditional dances of Campania: the Cilento and the Lattari mountains. During the workshops, we will explore the Tarantella Cilentana, a convivial dance typical of the Alburni area. We will learn a series of steps, trends and modes of performance of the tarantella, accompanied by the traditional music of the Cilento.


Activities of the Workshop


  • Introduction to Polyvocal Singing
    History and tradition of polyvocal singing in CilentoCharacteristics and themes of the different types of songs: serenades, work songs, devotional songs, nursery rhymes, and lullabies
  • Vocal and Interpretive Techniques
    Vocal modulation techniques to adapt to different singing styles
    Exploration of emotional and interpretative nuances of texts
  • Repertoire
    Study and performance of representative pieces of the Cilento polyvocal repertoire
    Deepening of polyphonic modes and characteristic polyphonic moments
  • Execution Pratica
    Individual and group practice to practice the techniques learned
    Exploring group dynamics and harmonizing voices


Hiram Salsano, born in Agropoli (SA) in 1988, lives in the Cilento at the foot of the Alburni mountains. Trained as a performer of the movement, she studied Eurythmia at the University of Dornach and at the Eurythmeum Zuccoli, participating in masterclasses with well-known European eurythmists. At the same time, he deepened the traditional dances and music of Southern Italy, in particular those of Campania. Since 2007, he has held workshops of traditional dances of Southern Italy in Europe and participates in various international events and events. He works experimentally on the voice and plays drums in the frame of Southern Italy. In 2022 he started a world music project and in 2023 he released his first album “Bucolica”, which received numerous international awards.


Catello Gargiulo, is a multi-instrumentalist and singer from Campania, as well as playing the tromma (the trumpet of the gypsies as it is called in the Countryside), of which he is a good continuator of the traditions, plays the organ, the tammorra and the castagnette. is among the founders of the Club the Angolo dello Scacciapensieri, a community dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the tradition of the Jew’s Harp Society and the Jew’s Harp Guild. Immersed in the popular music of the Gulf of Naples, Catello is one of the last authentic bearers of local musical traditions.

2024 | 15° Edition