Áron Szilágyi Jaw Harp (Doromb)
Béla Drabant Violin, Voice, Cittern
Krisztián Almási Drum

Zoord is a musical trio founded in 2014 by Áron Szilágyi, one of the world’s most renowned jaw harp players. The trio performs high-energy dance music inspired by traditional Transylvanian melodies, featuring the virtuoso sound of the jaw harp, powerful folk drums, and emotive violin and vocals. They create a completely acoustic sound world that may sound familiar even to those who enjoy electronic music. Zoord joined forces with one of the top world music producers in Poland, Rafal ‘Praczas’ Kolacinsky, to create their first album, which was released in 2016 and received critical acclaim as well as popularity among the audience. Zoord has performed on the stages of major European world music festivals and toured in some of the coldest places on Earth, such as Yakutia in winter. They have also played in Kazakhstan and Japan.

Zoord’s members are happy to offer jaw harp workshops and traditional dance lessons at the festivals where they are invited. These events are nourishing for the mind and spirit.

Áron Szilágyi is one of the most recognized jaw harp players in the world. He learned to play the instrument when he was three years old. He has conducted workshops and concerts on five continents, created various musical projects (e.g., Airtist, Navrang), and presented many other significant productions.

Béla Drabant learned to play the violin and the cimbalom from the last authentic old players in Moldova, Romania, where the truly isolated Hungarian minority, the “Csángó” people, live. He created the band Flótás, playing authentic music from Moldova and achieving great success in the folk scene.

Krisztián Almási has played in punk and post-rock bands. However, his openness to musical diversity is evident in his successful folk project, Lóca, which offers concerts for children. He also participates in traditional dance parties, which revive traditional music’s original function: creating community through dance.

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