The members of the “Figghi du Chiappareddhu” group from Malvagna are:

Josè Russotti, Salvatore Panebianco, Angela Brunetto, Gabriella Caggegi, Giuseppe Cunsolo, Martina Minissale, Ettore Panebianco, Ignazio Panebianco, Miriana Furnari, Marta Pezzino, Vanessa Sofia, Antonino Genovese

This group, originating from Malvagna in the famous Alcantara Valley in Messina, focuses on the valorization and revival of traditional songs and music from their region and Sicily as a whole. They particularly emphasize the “A CHIANISA” polyvocal singing style, which was an integral part of daily life and work in the fields, providing both solace and inspiration for those engaged in the demanding agricultural and pastoral activities. The group continues the legacy initiated by their predecessors who first presented the “chianisa” at the “Festival dei Popoli di Firenze” in 1984.

2017 | 8° Edition, 2021 | 12° Edition, Europe, Italy, Sicily