Workshop | Sicilian Peasant Songs with Maura Guerrera

Maura Guerrera, born in Messina, has been leading workshops on Sicilian peasant songs in Italy and France since 2013. Her creations draw inspiration from the peasant songs of Sicilian oral tradition, fascinated by their expressive power and ritualistic nature. These songs often reflect cultural syncretism with ancestral propitiatory practices. Join a journey to discover a hidden world that speaks and sings in Sicilian, a world filled with shearings, celebrations, sounds, rhythms, rhymes, proverbs, gestures, long tables, and wood-fired kitchens—a journey almost through time.


Workshop activities:
– Vocal warm-up
– The timbre of the voice in peasant singing
– From speech to song: the rhythm of words in singing
– Learning one or more Sicilian peasant songs: work songs, lullabies, love songs, and polyphonic songs, selected from recordings made in Sicily between the ’60s and ’90s
– Listening to the original songs.

2023 | 14° Edition