Masterclass | Tamburello with Andrea Piccioni

Andrea Piccioni is a renowned master and performer of frame drums and the Italian tamburo. Starting with the study of traditional Italian instruments, he later explored the rhythms of frame drums and playing techniques from the Middle East, India, North Africa, and Central Asia. He teaches the Academic Course of Frame Drums at the P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Nocera Terinese (Cz).
Andrea’s workshop, “Il mio tamburello” (My Frame Drum), is a conscious and structured practice through a simple and easily reproducible system. It is a journey that allows participants to better understand both their own abilities and the possibilities of the drum, building their technique using mind and body to transcend technique and “become” sound. Musicians of all levels will find their own answers and stimuli for their evolutionary journey: artistic and human.


NOTE | A frame drum between 25 and 45 cm with preferably small jingles and without any type of handle or grip on the frame is recommended. Audio and video recordings are welcome and will be organized at the end of the lessons as a summary.

2023 | 14° Edition