Meeting | Algerian String Instruments (Guimbri and Mandola) with Malik Ziad

Marranzano World Fest is pleased to host a meeting with the multi-instrumentalist Malik Ziad, a true virtuoso of Algerian string instruments.
Born in Algiers in 1974, Malik Ziad is a self-taught musician passionate about the traditional string instruments of his country (oud, mandola, guimbri, karkabou, bendir), particularly the guimbri and mandola.
The guimbri (or sintir) is a stringed instrument, similar to a large mandola, with a wooden resonator and three gut or nylon strings. The mandola, on the other hand, is an instrument similar to the mandolin but with a larger resonator and a rich and deep sound. Both are fundamental in Algerian musical tradition, with the guimbri primarily used in gnawa music and the mandola as both a solo instrument and in ensembles.
During his time in Algeria, Malik immersed himself in the exhilarating rhythms of gnawa and chaâbi music. His journey led him to share musical experiences from diverse horizons, including Black Africa, Brittany, Provence, Eastern Europe, and Sicily. This fusion of influences enriched his musical style, making him an eclectic artist open to cultural diversity. His music serves as a bridge between Algerian roots and musical influences from around the world.
In this meeting, Malik will guide us through an engaging and authentic musical experience that reflects the cultural richness of his homeland.

2023 | 14° Edition